I have had my Tern Vektron Q9 now for three months. I love it!

Here’s why:

  • Rides like a bike
  • Folds to go in train for my 2 day/week Melbourne-Geelong commute
  • Can ride from train to work in suit pants without working up a sweat
  • Comfortable on fat wheels
  • Big panniers make load volume pretty much not a consideration, and don’t have to remove them to fold the bike
  • Doesn’t matter about weight: carry lap top without thinking
  • Yarra trail 14km commute to CBD 3 day/week: largely over 25Km/h – when assistance cuts out – so still getting workout.
  • Assistance up a hill, in traffic from lights, or out of a roundabout, is a beautiful thing
  • Can decide on level of assistance depending on appetite and situation, ranging from none to ‘wow’
  • I now ride every day without using the excuses that regularly landed me on the train to CBD instead: no longer sardined under someone’s armpit, and I can sing if I choose!
  • Good distance coverage: a single charge gives me three trips in and out 14km each way to work, then recharges in 3 hours; I leave on charger overnight
  • Folds at work: take into my office next to shower, rather than into bike area
  • Large load from Farmer’s market: I now have every Saturday scheduled as to where the local market is, and the morning outing planned. These are further away than I would have ridden to on my non-electric bike, and weight is not an issue for the homeward ride
  • More attractive to ride it the 3 blocks to local supermarket and park outside than to take the car
  • Lorne: folds to take in car, then able to push up big hills easily, usually for me too steep to ride without walking
  • Incorporated electrics and lights are great
  • Low centre of gravity feels safe
  • A useful third vehicle in a family with three teenagers all wanting to get about
  • Easy for family to interchange to use: have recorded their seat preferences and they easily manage
  • My environmentally-conscious children love it, and it feels pretty good to me too!
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