Robert and I are both regular cyclists who commute to work by bike. We own one car and live in the inner city of Melbourne. We have two children aged 4 and 1.5 years.

Our eldest has been going on a kids bike seat on the back of our bike since he was 10 months old. We purchased a second-hand bike trailer when our youngest was around 1 as we thought this might be the best way to tackle cycling with two kids. For many reason, I didn’t really like the bike trailer. We’d be thinking about a cargo bike for a long time and reading lots of reviews online. I was concerned about the bulkiness & manoeuvrability of them, and to be honest, the cost – I wasn’t sure it was worth the expense.

After trying a few bikes at Dutch Cargo Bikes we eventually purchased an Urban Arrow Family. We love it and wish we had purchased it 4 years ago!

It took a a few rides to get used to the steering as it does have a wider turning circle compared to a normal bike. In addition, I soon learnt to use full power when starting on a hill with a fully loaded bike. Now, it’s easy to ride and I have no problems moving from the Cargo bike to my normal bike. We use the bike nearly every day and the kids often ask to “go in the cargo bike” – doesn’t matter where we go, they just want to go for a ride. With the Cargo bike set up, it’s easy to talk to the kids as you ride along which is really great. Having electric assist means we don’t hesitate to go anywhere up to 10km away, without it, I think we’d be limited to short trips 1-4km in our own neighbourhood.

Everyone is interested in the bike when we are out and about and most of our friends have have tried it out and a few are interested in purchasing their own. I’ve even taken my Mum for a ride with the kids (see photo!). I strongly recommend the Urban Arrow Family – it is a big purchase but it was definitely worth it for our family and our lifestyle.

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