We have been testing the trailer over the last few weeks. We have also used the trailer to promote Bolts services to business partners and directors. We have also recovered some bikes that were in arrears / left in public locations All in all its been very well received.

Trailer Performance

  • The trailer is easy to move around with its handle and the use of the handle brake on slopes makes it safe to manoeuvre around a workshop full of people.
  • The trailer can be stored on its tail saving us valuable space
  • The trailer is heavy, but that’s to be expected. You need two people to put its on its tail and return it to a stationary position
  • The spec of the parts on the trailer are good. Notable highlights include Schwalbe tyres, mechanical disk brakes on both rear wheels, dynamo hub for the integrated lighting, good quality headset and steering components .
  • When riding the trailer was very visible with its bright colour, lights and I also noted the option to add a flag which is a great idea.
  • The trailer turning as excellent. It easily follows the bike without causing stability problems.
  • The trailer stopping was excellent. You could feel the brakes working as you stop and they come on even harder with bigger load. Its an excellent system and what separates Carla from other trailers.
  • The trailer hitch left a little to be desired. On a 27.2 post it requires extra rubber / padding to stop it spinning freely on the post.
  • We found the nuts on the hitch came loose after a while. The biggest fear is the trailer coming off while riding. This is made somewhat better by using nylock butterfly nuts which means you don’t need to carry a spanner everywhere.
  • Carrying bikes was a little tricky, we had to lay them flat in the end. Would likely retrofit a centre bar for this purpose if it was a big part of the trailers usage.


  • The trailer fits well in the Sydney bike lanes and you can stick to one side allowing others to pass.
  • On open roads with cars I would not be going on a road with a speed limit over 50km/h
  • The cars don’t really acknowledge the trailer so I would worry they could hit it when pulling out from a stationary position as you move past them. Flag is critical in this respect
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