Pricing of the products

Price is a direct derivative of quality/design and supply chain efficiency. We can guarantee you that we have both topics covered adequately!

Our brands and models are all proven European hand-built. Not some Asian knock-off that looks somewhat the same to the untrained eye and could put you or your family or business at risk down the track.

Top quality and design furthermore ensures that you can comfortably use your bike daily with minimal maintenance or down-time. Maintenance and repairs can be expensive, but with our bikes these costs are virtually non-existent (provided normal use of the product). Over time, that represents a significant saving.

Finally, quality is linked to the re-sale value. As an example, a 2nd hand Bakfiets.nl (if you can find one!) is priced between $2250-2750 depending on the location. That is after being used 3-4 years. A quick calculation shows that you would write off only $250-300 per year.

We believe our products are a conservative investment in your lifestyle. Our business model is aimed at keeping our bikes affordable by having an efficient organisation and logistics.

We use our bikes daily and can offer you a wealth of experience and know-how to tap into. We are happy to talk you through the what bike and accessories suit you best!

Live simply!

the Dutch Cargo Bike Team

Good advice, everybody happy

When you are happy and a decision has been made, we will send an invoice via email. All prices are including assembly and free delivery by Dutch Cargo Bike or specialty transport for metropolitan Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Freight costs to other places vary, we will discuss this before sending the invoice. We also ship to New Zealand and parts of Asia.

You can pay by bank-transfer or by credit card. Credit card payments will be verified by us on serveral points of ID. To prevent fraud. The driver will verify photo ID to ensure the bike is delivered to the rightful owner.

After receipt of the full payment we ship your purchased bike via a reputable courier. The courier will deliver the bike, ready to ride safely to your address of choice. Before you sign off on the delivery please check your cargo for damage.

We can’t ship any items to a locker or post box. The billing address will be used for shipping.

If you have questions after reading the above – please let us know.

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