We have compiled some frequently asked questions below.

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How to test ride a cargo bike?

I’m about to set off for my first (test) ride. How do I ride this thing?

Riding a 260cm long bicycle with a box in front and the front wheel steered through a linkage is strange at first… for about 30 seconds, until your mind/body get used to it. After that you forget why it ever seemed difficult.

Here’s how to best deal with those first wobbly meters:

  • Set the saddle at a comfortable, a bit too low position.
  • Familiarize yourself with the brakes and gears before pushing off.
  • Begin where you can ride straight and have enough room to wobble safely.
  • If you’re a nervous type its easier to first begin without the kids in the box. Its one less thing to think about.
  • Set the shifter to a medium gear, perhaps 3rd since riding very slowly is actually the most difficult part.
  • When you push off just look forward to the horizon and pedal. Don’t look at the wooden box or headlamp/front wheel since they’ll just confuse you.
  • Quickly pedal to a moderate speed and just ride down the street. After perhaps 30 seconds you’ll adapt to the steering and then you can make U-turns and other maneuvers.


Where can I test a Dutch Cargo Bike?

Try before you buy!

Urban Cycling is new and growing in Australia and New Zealand. This holds true even more for Cargo Cycling. Whilst being hugely popular in European cities, this form of transport is in its infant stages here. This is the main reason why we have decided to setup Test Centers in the major cities in Australia.

After initial exploratory communication with our head office in Melbourne, we connect you to the Test Center by appointment to try a couple of different brands & models.

It’s very important to get a good feel for the bike before making a decision to purchase. One two-wheel Cargo Bike can be very different from the next and they are easy to ride. The same holds true for the Trikes though they are not the most stable against common beliefs, especially the pivot versions whereby the whole box moves to steer the trike around corners.

Below you can find the cities where to find our Test Centers;






More info

Do you have second hand bikes?

Most people are very happy with their bike and use it even after the children have grown out the bike. But occasionally people want to sell the bike. We try to hook up buyers and sellers, so everyone is happy.

We don’t facilitate any negotiation on price or arrange shipping. This is something the buyer and the seller will have to accommodate.

If you are interested in a second hand bike, keep an eye on this: facebook page and see if the bike of your interest comes by.

Happy cycling!

2-Wheel vs 3-Wheel

We get so many questions about the cargo bike long vs the cargo bike trike, so below some information handy for everyone in the market for a cargo bike!


It’s no secret that we’re big fans of  the two-wheeled Cargobike but we also know that it’s not for everybody. Perhaps you’re not confident riding the 2-wheeler, frequently carry four children and large loads, or just plain old prefer trikes. If that’s the case we’ve got the ideal trike for you.

The Bakfiets CargoTrike is a stable riding family three-wheeler with the same features and construction quality as the famous Cargobike (two-wheeler). The kids (up to four of them) love sitting up front, have a great view and can talk with you.  Super-tough construction and all the features of a Dutch city bike. These bikes are built to endure many years of daily use and outdoor storage.

The Nihola Trike is the most stable trike on the market. Not just because we say so but it’s been tested by the Danish and Dutch Bicycle organisation. It has a unique “rack & pinion” steering mechanism so that the center of gravity stays fixed and thus keeping the bike stable, unlike some brands that have the tendency to flip over in corners which is obviously very dangerous for the riders and it’s precious cargo!

Bakfiets Cargo Bike 2-wheel

The brilliant child transport & utility bike. Faster and nicer to ride than any 3-wheeler; the low box and perfect geometry makes it light handling and stable. Super-tough construction and all the features of a Dutch city bike. Carries 3 kids or a baby and 2 kids. Actually with a couple small modifications many parents carry 4 kids in this box. There are now a dozen imitations but none can match the versatility, handiness and quality of the Cargobike.

The Cargobike sits rock-solid on its Stabilo parking stand so kids can safely climb in and out themselves. Kids love sitting up front, have a great view and can talk with you. These bikes are built to endure many years of daily use and outdoor storage.

2-Wheel vs Trike

A two wheeled cargo bicycle, long though it may be, handles a lot like any other bike. Riding a big heavy cargo bike is like renting a van when you drive a compact car — it’s different, but not that different. It’s easier to navigate small passages with the Bakfiets.

A trike is clearly a different kind of vehicle.  It’s true that you won’t often lose stability when cycling slow or walking speed. But speed up, zoom around a bumpy sharp corner fast enough and the whole trike will tip and try to fall over, more with some models than others. Another big dis-advantage is that the bike becomes very unstable on cambered roads.

As mentioned, the Nihola is the most stable trike on the market. And, though any 3 points make a stable support, your seat follows the contour of the road and lurches from side to side, which it doesn’t with a bike. The seat tube leans right constantly on a road that slopes to the gutter for drainage, more than you’d think. Where a driveway connects to a steeply crowned street it can be like hitting a motorboat wake in a canoe, and you have to steer into the bump slowly just as you would steer into the wave.

On the other hand, if you stop at an intersection you can just wait to go again. No balancing the kids as they move back and forth, no stretching legs to the pavement. Sit and enjoy the view. Carry more weight — you don’t have to balance it.

We learned a couple of important lessons by nearly falling over a few times:


  • You can’t easily stand up or go no hands well on a) cargo trike. Since you’re what’s holding the seat and the box in alignment and the handlebar is always pulling you one way or the other, you should really hold on to the seat with your thighs to stay put. This is worse on some trikes.
  • Except however on the Nihola you can do it due to it’s unique steering mechanism and fixed center of gravity. It also has normal handlebars.
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