To Buy or To Rent a Bike? Which Option Is Best for you?

In addition to an outright purchase, we offer the option to rent as well.

Dutch Cargo Bike has been in business for 10 years. We focus on you! That is why we are flexible when it comes to payments. We work with bank transfer, zip money, credit card & Pay Pal. Let us know your preference and we will try to accommodate your purchase.

If an outright purchase is not what you’d like to do, then renting could be something to consider.

Renting is a good way to get your eBike or Cargo Bike and try it out for a period of time. Dutch Cargo Bike can offer an attractive package for a wide selection of Electric Cargo Bikes. We can help you select the right brand and model for your needs and requirements. Contact us today and start your new car-less lifestyle!

And we work with Studio 19 as well as an easy way to own your eBike or Cargo Bike;

  • Make sure the equipment is right for you. You can return at any time after 6 months.
  • Very low weekly rates to rent a bike
  • Apply to purchase at any time, even after 1 day!
  • No ongoing account keeping fees or charges
  • Low monthly payments
  • Maintenance and repairs can be included
  • Optional Protection Plan available
  • If you continue to rent for the maximum term of 3 years, Studio 19 will contact you to assist in finalizing your agreement.


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Dutch Cargo BIke Tern Hauler Rack
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Tern Hauler Rack
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