Sustainable production of energy, avoidance of CO2 emissions and a sensible waste management system.

From recycling all packaging materials, avoiding air freight, and sending items in bulk, or in 1 box. Not printing invoices and registration forms. And using as many paperless options as possible. But also not storing information in the ‘cloud’ when not needed. It are the small things that make the bog steps for our environment,


Efficient use of high-quality materials, avoidance of waste and utilization of natural alternatives for an environmentally production process, as well as sustainable efficiency.

All Dutch cargo Bikes and accessories are made to last a lifetime or 2. many families enjoy a second or thirdhand bike. And that is exactly what we are gaming for. We only sell high-quality bikes, that are repairable and don’t end up in landfill. They are made to last, and not to put pressure on our earth.

Socially and Culturally 

We believe cycling will transform society, the way people interact and care about other humans and the place they call home

Imagine all the people chatting with their neighbour, helping a fellow local. Teaching children to take care of the world they live in. Connecting with each other, connecting with their habitat. This is what we believe cycling brings. And what we want to achieve with our products. Get on board and help us change the way Australia moves.

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