Talking to Rob about the cargo bike in their family life: “The bike has added a lot to family life for us,” he said. “It adds another option for travel, riding is super reliable, and I get my daily physical activity. But the best part is the time Edwin and I get to spend together. We talk about our day, sing songs (or he tells me to stop singing…), and observe and explore our city together. I decorate the bike every so often with painted ply wood cut outs inspired by his imagination or events like his birthday or cultural events. The bike has been a pirate ship, a mobile library (for readings with children at the Botanic Gardens at our monthly community ride), a tram and the bat-mobile (for Halloween). I like to think we’re creating memories he’ll keep with him for a long time, and we’re getting the shopping or kinder pick up done at the same time!”

“Try things that add to family life; involve your children in the process; have great conversations about things going on around you. It can start with growing some veggies together or walking/riding to school or shops once a week.”

“We all have that nostalgic feeling from childhood about riding to school and playing outside with your imagination,” Rob said. “And I wanted to share that spirit of adventure and exploring with him, and create memories he’ll keep, and we’ll share forever.”
Rob Kretschmer
Dad of Edwin and Founder of Bike Bendigo