During the school holidays we have a great opportunity for families in Melbourne.


Riding with a disability might seem like an impossible task. You would like to, or know someone who would just love being on a bike. But you have no idea on where to get a bike, no idea on what bike would work.we get you, we’ve been there… we understand. With over 30 years of experience advising Australians on cargo bikes, we are happy to help you and your family find the right bike for your needs.With a background in special need nursing and hands-on personal experience with a son in a wheelchair we understand the needs, complications and the freedom a bike can give to any family

There will be many different bikes to try, you will have a the opportunity to do something completely different with your family.
An outing like never before. Including all members of the family.

Wheelchair bikes – Tandems – Trikes – Taxi Bikes and more

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