If you have 1 bubba, twins, 3 kids and a little mate…They’ll all fit in 1 bike or another! Below a short summary of options. But there are always more ways to do things, so if you have ANY questions, just give us a call, book in an online consultation, or (lockdown permitted) come down and have a chat and try!
1 baby, 1-9 months:
For little babies we have a baby shell. This fits in front loading cargo bikes like the Urban Arrow, Bakfiets and Nihola. They have special mounting brackets for each cargo bike model.
Comfort model baby seat with indestructible synthetic cover. The Melia seats are the only officially approved seats for cargo bikes.

The chair prevents your child from bumping around and getting hurt when biking over bumps on the road.
The seat cushions and holds your baby steady during the ride, even the head of your baby remains well supported during sleep. In addition, the seat good for the baby’s neck and back.

Maxi Cosi – bracket
Urban Arrow has a special bracket to fit a maxi-cosi seat.


1 toddler, 7-18 months:
For toddlers we have a toddler shell. This fits in front loading cargo bikes like the Urban Arrow family Bakfiets and Nihola.  A head-side support is an available extra for your toddler from 7 months. For more stability or more comfort during sleeping in the toddler seat. In addition, the seat good for the baby’s neck and back.


Yepp or Hamax seats:
These seats are for todlers from 9 months to approx 5 years. They work great on the back of the GSD or HSD. Urban Arrow and Bakfiets also have a special adapter to have a Yepp seat in the front-loading box.


1 baby and 1 toddler:
With the Melia baby and toddler seat in your front loader (Bakfiets, Urban Arrow or Nihola) you can have both children safely in the box.
The Urban Arrow family box is a bit deeper, and have the little kids more protected than any other front loader.



2 toddlers:

2 Melia toddler seats fit side by side in the front loaders, but you can also opt for 2 Hamax or Yepp seats on the GSD.
Once they outgrow the seats they fit on the bench of the front loading bike, or in the clubhouse on the GSD.


1 baby, 1 toddler, 1 child:

To transport 3 children, the rear loading bikes are not an option, but luckily the front loaders are!
In the Bakfiets and Urban Arrow family you can have the baby and toddler seat side by side and an extra bench in front for child number 3.
The Nihola 4.0 has space for the baby and toddler seat and the second (standard) bench is great for the older child.


1 child:
If you have to transport just 1 older child or an adult, the GSD or HSD with a captains chair is great, but also the Urban, Bakfiets, Nihola and Riese and muller bikes have great options!


2 children:

This fits in almost every bike, the GSD, with Clubhouse or seat pads, the bakfiets, Urban Arrow, Riese and muller load and packster bikes, the Nihola family and Rehab, there is a lot of choice!

3 children:

The Bakfiets, Urban Arrow Family and R&M Load 75 or R&M  Packster 70 work great for 3 kids.


4 children:

The Nihola 4.0 is designed for 4 children. But if you are a bit creative, the 2-wheel front loaders can have 3 kids in the front and a child seat  (9 months-5 years) on a rear carrier.

4-7 children?
The Bakfiets wide trike with side benches can carry up to 6 kids in the box, and you can have a baby seat on the rear for number 7!
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