Emmy and Jurgen are from the same city in The Netherlands, but their joint life started in Australia. After this life altering event, a family came to be…


How it all started

Our family had a need. A need for a bicycle to ride with our 1-year old twins and their future sibling, who was still just a bun in the oven. We, Emmy and Jurgen, decided to import a couple Dutch Cargo Bikes by Bakfiets.nl. We loved using a cargo bike for our daily trips. This was noticed by friends and interests were peaked. This raised the question: “Could we market cargo bikes in Australia?” And so, Dutch Cargo Bike was born.


Every successful business starts in a garage; Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and so did Dutch Cargo Bike. Jurgen was not afraid to get his hands dirty while Emmy worked relentlessly to promote the business. Dutch Cargo Bike quickly became a family affair, where even the kids would help out by vacuuming the shop every Saturday morning! The brand Nihola gained a special place in their heart when their son needed to use a wheelchair. Because of Nihola’s inclusive cycling line, they were still able to take their son with them on a bike ride.

This sparked Emmy’s passion, who has a background as a nurse, to help others with special needs to go on bike rides. In 2019, it was also time for Jurgen to dedicate all his attention to the family business by ending his fulltime corporate role at a Dutch multinational. All in favour of sharing our passion with the rest of Australia.

Watch us Grow

Just as our family, our company has grown too. From a pea-sized idea and a bun in the oven, to a fully functioning business and a sibling for our twins. Now we have our own premisses and a growing dealer network. Starting with only Bakfiets.nl, the iconic Dutch cargo bike to fulfill our need, we can now proudly say we have a complete range in Family, Business, and Inclusive Cycling. We became the leading importer/distributor/retailer of E-cargo bikes in Australia, representing a selected range of premium brands such as Riese and Muller, Tern, and Urban Arrow. Of course, we still represent our founding partner Bakfiets.nl and Nihola and we are excited to continue our growth.

Now, 10 years later, our three children still enjoy the occasional cargo bike ride. We know our dog certainly does… But our family also enjoys hopping on the HSD for a quick trip to the shop, all by themselves!

While our family keeps evolving, so does Dutch Cargo Bike.

The Future

Transportation by bike has long been a part of European culture and cargo bikes especially have been booming as a healthy alternative to a car. Traffic jams are terrible in urban areas and people demand a more efficient transport option. Some European cities have adapted to cycling as the main way of commuting, but Australia has a long way to go. We would like to convince some more people that an e-cargo bike is a healthier, cheaper, easier, environmental friendlier, and a more family friendly way of going from A to B.

Due to Covid-19, more people are working from home during an economic crisis. We believe that this is the perfect time to sell your 2nd car, cash in, and buy a quality e-cargo bike. Riding a cargo bike with your kids or your dog just unwinds the whole family and turns every daily trip into a fun adventure! And the possibility for an electric assist makes it comfortable as well.

Not only in the private sector, but e-cargo bikes can also benefit companies. We would love to help companies to “go green” and use e-cargo bikes to make deliveries.

Our plan for the future is to continue to help people find the perfect bike for their needs. We will strengthen our connections with shops all around the country, so that maybe one day, all of Australia can enjoy the same benefits that an e-cargo bike has offered our family.





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