About Tern as a company

We build bikes with an eye to changing the world. Or at least the way that folks get around. Our Tern bikes bring together all the things people need to drive less and ride more.

The name Tern

On the Tern website they say:

In the fall of 2010, we established a team of people who knew a thing or two about how to make bikes. We saw an opportunity to form a new company and walk the hard path of starting anew. Once committed, the first step was finding the right name and identity for our fledgling brand. The idea of turning around and moving forward to face the challenges head-on was compelling. It meant retracing some steps, but we would know where to expect the bumps in the road. The discussion kept coming back to the word “turn” and all of its connotations, but the word itself lacked personality. With the beer and creativity flowing, a tangential discussion led us to names of migratory animals. After all, we wanted to change how people get around, so that category seemed a fitting source of inspiration. Serendipitously, an internet search found the world-champion of migratory animals to be the Arctic Tern. Being a homophone was already a huge plus, but the nature of the bird is what helped solidify the choice. The Artic Tern has innate characteristics that embody the company we envision: Global traveller, Climate sensitive, Long lived, Mates for life, Social animal, 71.000km per year. And thus, Tern came to life. Tern is small, lightweight, and well-travelled.

artic tern

Picture by Sherri O’Brien


We strive to get more people on bikes because cycling is a healthier, greener transportation alternative to a lot of environmentally adverse options out there. But we’re also aware that the processes we use to make and sell our bikes sometimes affect the environment more than we’d like. We believe we have a responsibility to reduce this impact as much as possible.

We design our bikes so that you can ride them day-in and day-out, and not just toss into the landfill after a few years. We’re consumers too. We subscribe to the belief that higher-quality, longer-lasting products pay off in the end. For both us as individuals and as residents of this planet. When you make products with heart and attention to detail, they last. There are too many products in the world today that aren’t built to last. We don’t want to add any more.

We take the “less is more” approach when it comes to packaging and use recyclable materials whenever we can. To reduce the impact of transporting our bikes, we reduced the size of our cartons, allowing us to include as many as a hundred more bikes in each shipping container.

We are committed to giving at least 1% of our net profits each year to environmental or social causes. All of us want to live in a world with clean water, clean air, and safe food. We want to support the individuals and groups that are working to protect and heal our planet. 


Most popular bike families

Tern has a wide range of foldable, light weight bikes that can be customised to your needs with the right accessories. Every bike family comes with its’ own accessories and perks.


Get Stuff Done. The Tern GSD is ready to replace your car. With a 200kg Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight it will let you carry two kids plus groceries. Or a whole lot of cargo. But it is still the length of a regular bike. It has a dual battery technology, which lets you ride all day long. Moreover, it is easy to store due to its flat-fold and vertical parking abilities. Due to its success, Tern has improved the first generation of GSD bikes. In 2021, we will receive the next generation of GSD S10 models. But the best-of-the-best model, the GSD R14, has already been sold out before it hit ground in Australia! Just like the GSD S00. Pre-orders are available via the button below.






Enormously Useful, Surprisingly Smaller. The HSD is mighty but mini. It is the ideal bike to share. Since it is easy to handle, extremely comfortable to ride, carries a whole lot of cargo, and all of that in a compact design that is shorter than a standard bicycle. With a motor powered by Bosch, no hill is to steep for this Tern bike. The small sized wheels also make it safer to ride. In unexpected situation, your feet are quickly on the ground. Truly the e-bike for every age and every lifestyle.


HSD S+ shake polish




gsd vs hsd


The bike that is right for you



Not sure which one is right for you? Our top selling Tern bikes are the GSD and HSD models. These are both e-bikes. But what are the differences between the two? Well, here is a little infographic that makes it easy to understand.

If you have small passengers to consider, here are some articles that explains exactly which accessories you will need in order for them to be carried safely on the GSD Gen 2, and HSD.

These bikes are ready to replace your car. It also works out cheaper than a car (read more here). But if you want to quickly hop on trains, trams, and do not need to carry a load of cargo, maybe one of the other Tern families is a better option for you.


Other Tern options

Going around town, hopping in and out of PT? The BYB, Link, and Node bikes are worth looking in to. If you want a bike that you can also store in any nook and cranny, consider the BYB range. If you are facing hills in your urban commute, check out the Eclipse and Verge families. Looking for a bit more power? The Vektron is the way to go.

Still not completely sure? Contact our bike experts, they are happy to talk you through it.



Other bike families

Not everyone likes the size (or price) of the GSD and HSD models. But do not worry, there is more.


The power of a Bosch motor in a portable package. With the world’s leading electric bike system from Bosch, the Tern Vektron takes everything great about folding bikes. Commuting, portability, easy storage, theft protection, and acceleration. The most portable and affordable in the range of Tern e-bikes.

Tern Vektron S10



Bring Your Bike – It is 30% smaller than traditional folding bike, which makes it able to fit conveniently into lockers, closets, or any other narrow space. The wheels are a bit bigger than those of the GSD and HSD, making it more likable for experienced cyclist. Commuting is easier with the Tern BYB.

Tern BYB




Speed to Go – Verge bikes are pretty to look at and a whole lot better to ride. Some people believe that you need large wheels to go fast, but others now that the engine is where it’s at. With internally geared hubs, this Tern bike is low-maintenance. The hydraulic disc brakes have extreme stopping power and will get you anywhere at any time. Quickly, cleanly, and most importantly, in style.

Tern Verge



Portable transport for humans – The Link family is designed to get you where you need to be. Whether your journey is all by bike or a combo of bike and PT, the Link is ready to adapt to your needs. The Tern Link allows you to keep to your own versatile schedule. Ride one and discover the convenience of a Tern folding bike.

Tern Link D8



Big Ride, Small Fold. Want a bike that will keep up with your friends on weekend rides, but still fold in seconds so it is easy for transport and storage? Tern does too. That is why they have designed the Eclipse with full-size wheels and the ability to fold. This bike is for jumping on the train, throwing it in the back of a car, or just to store it in your living room. Folding never rode so fast. This family will be back in stock early 2021, but the popularity of the Eclipse family in Australia is amazing. Contact us if you want to explore your pre-order options.

tern Eclipse P20




Connecting the transportation dots… The Node bikes have full sized wheels and are ready at a moment’s notice to handle everything: groceries, weather changes, and even night time rides. They are as comfortable and solid as Dutch city bikes with an upright riding position. But the Tern Node folds down small in just ten seconds! That way you can easily bring your bike to work and store it under your desk.

Tern Node D8




Electric, or non-Electric? That is the question…

A misconception lots of people have, is that an e-bike means you do not have to pedal yourself. But this is false. An e-bike has a motor installed, that supports/assists with your pedalling. That is why, we also like to call them electric assist bikes. They are the perfect solution for when you need a little help getting up that hill, or for when you just want a little more comfort on those windy days.


The Tern GSD, HSD, and Vektron all have the option to add a Bosch powered motor. The GSD can even fit two! You can choose between a 400wh (up to 110km distance travelled) or a 500wh (200km) battery for most models. With a 400wh battery, you can travel up to 110km without needing to charge it. With a 500wh battery, this is up to 200km. This depends, of course, on how much electric assist you want to use during your ride. The Bosch powered motor has five settings: off, eco, tour, sport, and turbo. Where “off” means you do not use the electric motor at all, and turbo means you use its maximum power.



Tern accessories

We will only sell products we trust to use ourselves and with our families. So, when you add a piece of Tern gear to your bike, you can rest assured it’s been road-tested before making its way to you.


Transport Cargo

Tern has categorized the accessories that you will need to carry cargo on your Tern bike. But take note of the following things:

  1. Avoid hanging a bag from your handlebars. This can affect your steering and interfere with the brakes and front wheel.
  2. The Link B7 is NOT compatible with the Luggage Truss, Kanga Rack or Hold’Em Basket.
  3. Always keep the maximum carrying capacities in mind when using you bike.

Transport cargo on tern


Transport passengers on the Tern GSD Gen2

We understand that passengers are more important to be safe during your ride, than for example a package of toilet paper. Since the second generation of Tern GSD is coming in the new year, we only discuss the compatibility of accessories for that one here. But if you want to learn more about the GSD Gen 1 compatibilities, you can click here.

Transport young kids GSD

For one or two young kids, you can use compatible child seats and add the Clubhouse+ for extra protection. The second-generation Tern GSD’s are equipped with wheel guards which prevent items from getting stuck between the wheels.


transport big kids gsd

Once your kids grow out of the child seats, swap the child seat for a seat pad. The Clubhouse+ can stay, as this gives you and extra sense of security and your kids something to hold on to.


transport adult GSD

The next step would be to swap the Clubhouse+ for Sidekick Joyride Bars (that are square and thus the rear passenger is locked in better) or Sidekick Bars (that are rounded and more like normal handlebars). The Tern GSD Gen2 has integrated Lower Decks. Which is a small support deck to place your feet on. If this is to narrow for your liking, you can swap them for Sidekick Wide Decks.

Thus, a configuration is possible for every need!


Transport passengers on the Tern HSD


transport kids HSDSmaller than the GSD, the Tern HSD can only fit one child seat on the rear rack. When your child cannot fit in a child seat anymore, do not forget to add wheel guards or panniers to protect their feet from the wheels. Sidekick Footrests gives them a safe place to place their feet while riding.


transport adult HSD

Older children can comfortably sit in a Captain’s chair with the square Joyride Bars. Having an adult passenger on the back? Easily swap any child seating for a seat pad to give them space and comfort. Footrests and wheel guards make it even more comfortable and safe.



Conclusion on Tern

Tern has a bike for everyone. At Dutch Cargo Bike we are passionate about finding the perfect bike for your lifestyle. Whether you want to change your commute/school run, replace your 2nd car , or just want to hit the beach without having to worry about a parking spot, there is a Tern bike for you. Not comfortable on a two-wheeler? Check out Nihola tricycles. Looking for a front-loader? Have a browse through our other cargo bikes. Want to learn more about e-cargo bikes first? We started making explanatory YouTube videos.


Any other questions? Feel free to contact us!


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