There are Dutch Cargo Bikes,  Electric Bikes, City Bikes, and Commuter Bikes.
Trailers for business. But also Trailers for kids. Child seats and much more.
Do we identify ourselves as a bike shop? Yes and no. Most people who contact us come with a transport problem;
  • Children going to child care, kindergarten and/or school, all within 5km from home. Walking takes too long, but a car is not necessary and just ads to the congestion around school times.
  • An elderly parent, who you love and want to take outdoors, but walking isn’t an option anymore. 
  • A dog with enough energy but the dog park is just too far.
  • A fitness instructor bringing their gear to a park session.
  • The list is endless, and for all these transport issues we help find a solution.

Cycling isn’t new in Australia. But cycling for transport is getting a second chance. Which we think is great! It’s a healthy way of getting around. Healthy for your mind, body and soul. You are more connected to your community, and Mother Earth will thank you too.

There have been many challenges to see what is faster; bike, car or public transport, and for the short distances, the bike almost always wins. We won’t be advocating to ride from Melbourne to Sydney. We are not saying or thinking the car should disappear. But there are more ways to get a bottle of milk at your local supermarket.

💡 Do you know that 50% of all car trips are 5km or less. And the second car doesn’t leave the driveway 95% of the time.

It gets you thinking, do I really need this money machine in front of our house, doing nothing most of the time. And when used, it’s often for a distance you could also use a different mode of transport? Just food for thought….

If you are looking for a transport solution, ask us! We have been in this business over 10 years and have years of experience finding a solution for every transport challenge.

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