A childhood to never forget!

Create a childhood your kids will remember. Build on memories they will not forget. Make magic happen while being efficient and environmentally friendly.

Be passionate, be mindful. We understand the challenge to raise your children in this time and age. With more and more on parents plates it is sometimes hard to slow down and get back to basics.

Start the day with a smile… that is what they’ll remember. A family lifestyle where you take the bike, go out for a picnic and sing funny songs, a sense of freedom. This is designing a routine from a tender age. Establishing awareness and a feeling of happiness they will carry into adult-life, passing on to their children.

We want to give people the opportunity to enjoy life with less technology and more in contact with the elements and each-other. Being outside in nature will create a sense of belonging; children will want to be outside, smell, touch, hear and see nature. When you are in harmony with your environment, you will be a guardian of the planet. Why would you want to take care of something you don’t connect with?

At the same time creating new childhood memories for the kids of today, making life interesting as a family, going on adventures, inspire each other, trigger and stir something inside you. Write your family story together.

How? Read below all about how Dutch Cargo Bike helps creating a childhood they will never forget. Listen to children in video’s, read what professionals think, interesting articles on screen time, interviews with parents and join our September is Adventure challenge with brilliant, free adventures.

Get on a Dutch Cargo Bike and start your new family lifestyle today!


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