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Going around Australia on a Bullitt image

One day we received a phone call. A guy with a very German accent asked us “Can you send a Bullitt to Adelaide, because I am going to cycle from Adelaide to Port Douglas”. The caller was Nils Ebel, carpenter/handyman and adventurer. He decided to travel around by bike when he was in Alice Spring. A bike is just so much more challenging than a car. You meet more people and it’s easier to find work, says Nils. His brother in Berlin already owned a Bulitt so Nils knew what he was getting into. The deal was done and we send the bike off. The Schwalbe distributor Bike Box send us some free spare tires, thanks Guy! After some start-up ...

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Bakfiets Cargo Bike owner – Cameron Murray, Brisbane standard

I convinced myself not long ago that a bicycle for carrying children was a completely unjustified expense.  Luckily, I soon convinced myself that it was indeed worthwhile, and that it wasn’t actually that expensive, in fact, it represented value for money. The sparkling new Cargo Bike “Bakfiets” brand, supplied through Dutch Cargo Bike, arrived a week ago to my local bike shop.  Since then, I have used the bike daily for the commute to work, to the shops, to day care, to pick up my wife from yoga – you name it. It is now time for an early review. But first, I need to explain how this value conscious economist ended up with a $3000+ bike and even became ...

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