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Trike (3-wheel) vs. Bike (2-wheel) video

We get many questions on what to choose, a trike or 2wheel bike. Many people think they want a trike for stability. Which a trike is, more stable when you are standing still....but riding a bike or a trike is quite a different story! Some more information is in this article. A trike is great for short distcance, on the footpath and not going very fast, Want to ride on the road, a fair distance (more than 3km) and have a bit of speed, a 2-wheel bike is certainly worth to consider! A two wheeled Cargo Bike, long as it may be, handles a like a normal bike. Riding a Cargo Bike is like driving a van when you normally drive a compact car — it’s different, but not that different. It’s easier to navigate small passages with the Cargo Bike (, Urban Arrow, Douze Cycles, Workcycles Kr8)  for that reason. A Cargo Bike is also very stable when you go around corners or fast downhill. It’s a softer ride too because the load is in the middle between the two wheels. A Cargo Trike has three wheels and is clearly a different kind of vehicle! It’s true that you won’t often lose stability when cycling very slow or certainly not when stopped. But ...

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Adelaide meet and greet! image

On March 16 we will be visiting Adelaide and hope to see many Cargo Bike lovers! We will be at the Velo Precinct with the Bakfiets, Urban Arrow, Nihola and Xtracycle/cargo Node. Follow the links below for some more info on these bikes. But we can discuss bikes for your specific needs, which can be anything from your family, people with a disability, elderly people in your nursing home, dogs, merchendise, gardening tools etc! Cargo Classic  orE Cargo Classic with Shimano STEPS and Di2  Urban Arrow Family Perform  Nihola family  Tern Cargo Node/Xtracycle These will all be ready to take on a test run. Emlen and Emmy will be there to have a chat and answer all questions on Cargo Biking, riding with ...

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Folding tandem – pre-orders image

We are happy to announce we are getting in orders for the amazing Azor folding bikes! We have had so many enquiries over the past few months, we have decided it is time to get these bikes on the back of your motor home, caravan, car etc. They will arrive here before the Aussie Spring, as it is such a speciality bike we need to order in advance, as the factory in the Netherlands has to produce them for us. Want to pre-order? Contact us and place your order today! What do you get? A black (frame 49 front and rear) classic, original Dutch buildt tandem bike Freewheel, Shimano 8v premium with hydraulic strong Magura rim brakes Aloi light bike, including heavy duty chain guard 250 cm long, (170cm ...

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A child living with a disability, find out how you can go out and ride together! video

Feel the wind and sun on your face. Enjoy the outdoors! There are many options, for all different needs. Dutch Cargo Bike has many special bikes in stock, like the Nihola rehab, Nihola Flex, Onderwater tandem, Azor adult tandem and all the regular Cargo Bikes. And we work together with Nijland bikes for any other special bikes, ready to help you with a bike, as everyone should be able to enjoy the cycling lifestyle!   I can cycle myself, but needs someone to help me steering; Ride on a tandem! There are tandems for children between 4 and 8, with an extension available so you can ride until 12 years old. Or you can have a tandem for adults, where you sit on the ...

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