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'The bakfiets is simply the most sensible, useful and utilitarian bike I have ever ridden or can imagine.' quote

I want you to know upfront exactly what I think of the Bakfiets, so I will begin this review with my conclusion: the Bakfiets is simply the most sensible, useful and utilitarian bike I have ever ridden or can imagine. While I only had it for a few weeks, it was almost instantly integrated into my life and enabled me to do more by bike than I thought possible. Does that conclusion sound too emotive? Let me explain. Since the invention of the bicycle, people have been trying to move things (other than themselves) around by bike. Front racks, rear racks and panniers are common, as are baskets, seat bags and trailers. Most of the solutions to the haulage problem ...

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Review: Bullit Clockwork Cargo Bike standard

There is no doubt that Australia is amidst a cycling boom. Thousands have start cycling to avoid traffic, to escape rising petrol costs and to lower their carbon footprint. A conventional bicycle can replace a car in many situations, but what happens when you need more storage? History has shown that in this case most people revert to the car, relegating the bicycle as a secondary form of transport. Cargo bikes are not a new concept, but broaden the opportunities for cycling through their large storage space. They havn’t had a strong tradition in Australia due to their size, weight and our car-centric culture, but practicality has made them common throughout bicycle-dominated cities in Europe. The Copenhagen brand Larry Vs Harry released ...

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Nihola Review standard

Bikes We Like: Nihola Cargo Bike There's a bundle of reasons that we like the Nihola. Where to begin, where to begin. Here in Denmark, the spiritual home of all cargo bikes, there have been a number of classic cargo bikes. We've enjoyed 70 odd years of The Long John. We embraced the The Christania Bike and it's optimistic ideals. Even the Dutch are producing cargo bikes that are selling well. But what we like about the Nihola first of all is the design. So many cargo bikes are square and wooden in nature. The Nihola stands out instantly in the cargo bike crowd. We love the modern lines, the modern, lightweight materials and we love the stylishness. The name is cool, ...

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