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Bullitt pre-orders are now! image

* This bike needs no more introduction. It’s already a legend! The Bullitt is a great bike, made of aluminium, nice and stiff to go far and fast. Great for couriers, or people wanting to use the bike to transport ‘cargo’ we think. The cargo Bike build for speed is available in 9 cool colors with Shimano STEPS electric system, 6000 or 8000. Place your order ...

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Bakfiets taxi in tasmania image

News from Munnew / Meercrof care; TRISHAW BIKE LAUNCH In November we were so excited to finally present our Trishaw bike to everyone. It was a beautiful day we were worried, as the day before was a very wet one. We had a sausage sizzle. A large number of people joined us from families, club members and people from the community who had very kindly donated funds to us to allow us to purchase our bike. Denise very kindly peddled away all day giving rides to everyone, it was a great day and I know that we will get so much enjoyment from this bike over the summer. We are very lucky at Munnew as we have some amazing ...

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Move your tribe image

Start this year with a fresh approach to transport. Getting to childcare, playgroups, kindergarten and school is going to be FUN. No more struggle getting all of those monkeys into the car, finding a park, getting everyone out. Screaming, whining, complaining, food bribing, sibling rivalling. This is the year it's going to be different! From now there are screams of laughter, giggles, fresh air, conversations, sight-seeing your neighbourhood. Parking where you need to be. Happy kids and happy parents. Closer to nature, and enjoying each other. From now on your tribe is cycling! Feel the joy, and get your zoo into a cargo bike. Call us today to book your test ride; 045 8858 713 Over 9 different bikes to try, ...

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Vektron bike for families! video

Many people are looking for a safe and easy way to transport their child to and from daycare and kindergarten. The new Vektron has proven perfect! With smaller wheels, you are closer to the ground, easier to balance, even (or especially) with a child on the rear carrier. The electric assist makes the ride enjoyable but also gets you going quicker from standing at a traffic light. This ride is just downright utterly amazing for parents to whizz around with 1 ...

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DCB in North Melbourne image

Follow us while we get ready for a new CARGO BIKE season! We will be at the CERES Makers & Flea Market on Nov 10, you will have time to have a chat with Emmy, try out different bikes and ask everything you want to know about Cargo Biking in Melbourne! Keep an eye out on FB, Insta and the website to see when we are close to you! There will be a few different bikes, but at least the following bestsellers will be present; E bakfiets with Shimano STEPS assist Urban Arrow Family with Bosch performance assist Nihola ...

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