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A lovely way to share and build a close bond with your child standard

The time spent up to the age of 6 years is the time when the building of connections within a child’s brain is at its strongest. It is the experiences that children have with their caregivers that influence the building of these brain connections and so form the lasting habits, traits and skills that stay with the child through to adulthood.  Being active, talking, sharing what children notice about the world around them is also a lovely way to share and build a close bond with your child. The Dutch Cargo Bike expands for children and parents the opportunities of  shared moments as everyone enjoys being outside close to the elements with the wind, sunshine, possibly rain against their skin. Using ...

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Over 100 ways enjoying nature image

Enjoying the natural beauty of the world is something I do every single day.  The more time I spend admiring nature, the more satisfaction and joy I get out of it.  It helps me slow down. It helps me to be present.  And it’s always there. I find myself, not only wanting to spend time outdoors, I have a desire to protect our natural resources too. I see this happening in my children too.  Kids are educated these days to protect the environment, but I believe unless you really experience the wonder of it, the passion isn’t really there. Value It starts by the way we value nature as a family.  At some undefinable point, we decided enjoying nature was important to us ...

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