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  ...WE ARE GOING ON A QUEST!   We are taking you on an adventure journey in September…or any day, week or month you want to take your family out and about, do something different, get inspired, be inspiring! Are we all about no screens? Of course not, they are part of our future, technology including the internet has brought us so much. With everything in life, moderation and balance is the key. So we Instead of hating the phone, tablet etc, we incorporate this amazing technology into our adventures, creating a healthy balance between outdoors and new technology, and making it a social event, using the screen together! We do try to have 1 day a week off screens completely, this for everyone, ...

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We all fit in! image

Off to the beach, and we're taking the whole load with us! We can play for hours, and have a picnic too. Ready for the Aussie summer, with our Dutch Cargo Bike loaded up we don't have to look for a parking spot. I can sing songs all the way from home to the sand and the sea, and daddy makes up some funny ones too! We giggle and have fun, I remember the sun on my face and the smile in my mind.     Photo by ...

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Enchanted picnics image

We are having a picnic, finding elves and gnomes in the enchanted forest we found during our bike ride. We have been looking for mythical creatures and think I saw a unicorn just behind the tree! On the FR8 bike we can daydream an build a world around us that will be with me forever.     Photo by ...

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