The Bakfiets Cargo Bike is a healthy alternative way of transport with limitless applications such as safe children transport, grocery shopping, commercial purposes, touring around the block, going to the beach for a BBQ, carrying your pet and many more. Flat foot technology and perfectly balanced geometry gives you the feeling you are flying.

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The nihola cargo bike has, after testing, been called the best 3-wheeled cargo bike for child transportation by the Danish newspaper Politiken and the Dutch ”Fietsersbond” (Dutch Cyclist Union). Unique to nihola is the steering system. It is simple, maintenance free and stable. It is the type used on a car where the front wheels turn independently of the frame. Stability is the key to safety in relation to both the children being transported and the rider of the bike.

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This is a bike with PASSION. This mean of transport is like no other one so that you can leave your car in the garage or not having one at all,

QUICKLY and SIMPLY SPLITTABLE INTO TWO PARTS, thanks to our FAST RELEASE innovation. This innovation opens up new opportunities.

This breaks down the barriers and allows those who have not yet took the leap and ride a DOUZE Cycles cargobike.

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WorkCycles is the bakfiets, workbike and hand-built city bicycle specialist, known for our innovation, timeless, top quality bikes. Design and development of WorkCycles bicycles that extend the capabilities of their riders and make daily cycling as attractive as possible. Our growing range of bikes is designed in house and produced by small, quality-oriented manufacturing partners here in the Netherlands. We strive to offer the best utility bikes possible.


With our electric cargo bikes, we want to make the city a greener and quieter place.

We also want to make attractive and high quality cargo bikes that use the newest technology and state of the art materials to move people and freights through town in the fastest possible way. By doing so we aim to reduce the use of  cars.  Our goal is to make the best cargo bikes in the world.

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Omnium Bikes, based in Copenhagen, makes fast, light cargo bikes. We have three models: the original Omnium Cargo; a long design with a large cargo area, the Omnium Mini which is a ‘Short John’ bike with a smaller cargo rack and the Omnium Mini-Max which is a shorter and even nippier version of the Cargo. You can choose one of our standard builds or buy just a frame-set. So many options!

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The beauty of this quality tandem is that it fits one adult and potentially one or two children aged 4-8 years. There is also an XL version seating three children. Plus you can add a child seat on the rear rack. Plenty of space for safe family cycling!

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Azor Bikes is the producer of the “Bakfiets” Dutch Cargo Bikes in the Netherlands. They produce a full range of Dutch style bikes including tandem bikes. Azor bikes have one goal and that is quality. Azor’s expertise in building a high quality  bikes has resulted in a market leader position without much marketing effort. They utilise the latest technology, yet craftmanship remains the primary focus. Azor Bikes exports to various other European countries as well as to the USA.

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