New to E-biking? You’re not alone!

This way of transporting yourself (and maybe the family, furry friend etc) is still new in Australia, but getting more and more popular. We see electric mountain and road bikes. People commuting on E-hybrid bikes. And of course many families riding with their tribe to kindergarten, school, playdates etc. But even though you can ride a bike, finding how it works with E-assist is new.

All our E-bikes are pedal assist bikes, road worthy and comply to Australian Law.
Pedal assist is a mode on your electric bike that provides power from the motor to help you pedal easier and move faster. When you turn on pedal assist and choose your level of assist, the motor will provide a certain level of power output as you pedal. This may feel like a slight push as you ride. So you are still moving your body, you are still using your muscles, you are still building up fitness.  All the while you are getting that coffee, groceries, and having family adventures! It’s one of the most efficient ways of getting around and running a busy life.

We only work with high quality E systems, that are safe and easy to use. Today in the spotlight we have Bosch.

Founded in 2009, Bosch eBike Systems developed from a start-up to a global player. Nowadays over 70 leading bike brands worldwide trust the components ‘epowered by Bosch’. The high quality and reliability, the powerful drive units as well as the durable batteries ensure meanwhile fun at riding all over the world!

But, what to choose? It can be hard, so below we explain the different power pack and motor options available on our Cargo Bikes, to help you navigate when you are trying to choose your way of transport!


Power pack options:

Most bikes have a standard power pack, some slide into the frame, others have a special spot on the bike. We only have 400 or 500wh packs available on our bikes. Best thing is, they are interchangeable, and we always have stock of both. So if your bike of choice has a 400wh battery, but you prefer the 500, no problem! For a small extra we can swap it over.

So, what do we get asked most…. how long/far can you go on a battery? Bosch has a nifty calculator for that! But on average we see that people manage between 30 and 75 km out of 11 battery cycle. It depends on many factors. Have a play with their range assistant, it’s a lot of fun!

Motor options:

HSD Active Line plus is perfect for your kinder drop offACTIVE LINE PLUS

Active Line Plus brings mobility to everyday life and extends your options for spontaneous trips. The quiet yet powerful Drive Unit offers major riding enjoyment. It allows agile handling and fits perfectly inside the frame of the eBike. No disturbing extraneous noises and barely noticeable pedal resistance over 25 km/h. This is a great option on smaller cargo bikes, or if the load isn’t too heave and there are no hills on your commute, kinder drop off etc. It’s the lightest option, and also the cheapest. But if you are conquering some hills with a bike full of little people, it might not be the best option. Great for an easy commute on you HSD or with your furry friend in an Urban Arrow on flat terrain.

  • Tern HSD P9 & S8i
  • Urban Arrow

Max. torque 
A maximum torque of up to 50 Nm ensures controlled acceleration.

Max. drive  
Sufficient support, perfect for city trips or relaxed tours.

Drive Unit 
Perfectly measured support for increased mobility in everyday life up to a maximum of 25 km/h.





Urban Arrow Bosch performance line gets you to the park

The Performance Line is the most versatile drive system from Bosch. Whether you’re on a sporty jaunt through the countryside, commuting to work or cruising on a leisurely outing, it always delivers the right support at the right moment. The Performance Cruise Drive Unit provides support with a torque of up to 65 Nm and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This is the medium option, medium in price and performance and this is often enough to get you around, and up some slopes. It is extremely easy to use and with the different levels of support and gearing it will get you up most hills, this option is perfect if you are commuting on a Vektron, Tinker or HSD S+ and need to do a few hills without braking into a sweat, but also if you have 2 kids in the Urban Arrow and need to do a daycare/kinder run and a ride to the park, this works really well too. Just don’t expect to be able to ride up the Blue mountains and you’ll love the bike!

  • HSD S+
  • Urban Arrow
  • Tinker
  • Vektron S10

Max. torque
It facilitates sporty acceleration even in high cadences.

Max. drive 
Dynamic, ideal for extended sporty rides.

Drive Unit 
For all requirements and speeds up to 25 km/h.




From making deliveries, collecting the kids

Riese and Muller Bosch Dutch cargo Bike going uphill with easefrom kindergarten to doing the shopping – the new Cargo Line, which is designed specially for cargo bikes, makes transport easy. Whether laden or unladen, the efficient Cargo drive unit provides support up to 25 km/h and enables load-controlled acceleration, even when starting off. There will be a software update for the Cargo Line for the 2021 model year: In addition to a stronger torque of 85 Nm, cargo bikers will also benefit from more dynamic adjustment. The motor now provides more powerful support at low cadences, offering a greater boost when the rider starts off or accelerates. This makes everyday transport more relaxed and ensures maximum riding enjoyment on delivery rounds. This option is made to carry around kids, groceries, mountain dogs and much more! If you are carrying 2 -4 kids, have some serious hills, want to do some distance etc, this is the way to go. It’s our most popular motor option for bigger and heavy carrying cargo bikes.

  • Urban Arrow
  • All Tern GSD bikes
  • All Riese and Muller cargo bikes

Max. torque
With a torque of up to 85 Nm, the Performance Line CX provides powerful acceleration despite compact size.

Max. drive
Lasting support for riders enables powerful drive, fast sprints and a very sporty riding style.

Drive Unit 
Powerful support up to 25 km/h, even on steep mountain rides.




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