Our products


A cargo bike will turn daily chores into fun adventures, if you think it’s all too hard, think again, our range of quality bikes will change your lifestyle for the better .. with your cargo bike you can bring the kids to school, go to the playground, do your weekly shopping, bring some crates of beer to the party, carry your kite-gear to the beach and many more applications. It’s up to you really so have a look …

Family Cargo Bikes


Cycle to the pub, go see some friends, ride the kids to school and much more – go easy and check out our range …

Urban Bikes


Cargo bikes are revolutionizing the way business is done in the global urban centers. These bikes will save your business time and money while improving image and profile on on the streets. We have special bikes for delivery, vending hot/cold, transport, couriers and marketing purposes. Check our our range here ..

Business Bikes

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