Christmas is just around the corner! Want To Give Sustainable and Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts? Have a read below;

The holiday season has arrived and your inbox has probably been flooded with sales, gift guides and more. I enjoy receiving and giving gifts as much as the next person, but as someone who focuses on sustainable and ethical shopping, and covers impact-driven businesses, I ensure that my gift-giving reflects that. My gifts focus on items, experiences, and donations that are useful, leave the planet a better place, and support the workers who created and made them.

Instead of another gift guide, here’s a guide to giving gifts responsibly this holiday season, including some examples of brands that fit the bill. Responsible gift-giving means a few things: giving gifts that people actually want (ask them!), supporting brands that are producing items ethically and sustainably, and giving items and experiences that support the health and lifestyle of the end-users. Here are a few categories of mindful gifts to give this holiday season.

Gifts that promote health and sustainability

Both practical and sometimes indulgent, these gifts can provide some needed support during the holiday season. This is one of my favourite ways to help promote healthy living while making it fun and festive! Our bikes are made to last a lifetime, or 2, or 3. Many families sell on their cargo bikes after their family grows out of them. And we just LOVE that, no landfill, another happy family etc.

Most parts of our bikes can be repaired or replaced. It’s a very sustainable way of getting around, but maybe more importantly, it’s FUN for the whole family.
It’s the connection with your children, with your neighbourhood. It’s raising future cyclists while playing ‘eye spy’. It’s taking care of the earth while cruising to daycare, kinder and school.

Gifts that are consumable

I love consumable gifts because they don’t lead to clutter, they are very fun, and they are a special treat while often serving a purpose (meaning less waste!). Consumable gifts can be fancy or special food items, beauty products, candles, or more.

Gift experiences, classes, or donations

Lastly, another low-waste and high-impact option is giving nontangible gifts. Take a loved one out to dinner, to a show, or treat them to a vacation. Buy them a ticket to an event they would like to go to. Gift an online class, a session with your favourite coach or health practitioner, or a membership to a fitness or meditation community for the health-inclined. Or consider donating to causes that represent impact areas the recipient cares about, using your gifting as an opportunity to pass it forward.

There are many ways to gift responsibly this holiday season! Instead of getting swept up in sales and trends, answer the following questions: does this gift provide value to my recipient? Is it something this person will want? And what are the values of the company in which I am supporting— are they providing fair labour, or better yet, employing underemployed populations, and creation products sustainably? These questions will get you well on your way to ensuring the gift is loved by your recipient and the planet alike.


Stock is available for most cargo bikes! And we ship them fully build to your doorstep!

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