On March 16 we will be visiting Adelaide and hope to see many Cargo Bike lovers! We will be at the Velo Precinct with the Bakfiets, Urban Arrow, Nihola and Xtracycle/cargo Node. Follow the links below for some more info on these bikes. But we can discuss bikes for your specific needs, which can be anything from your family, people with a disability, elderly people in your nursing home, dogs, merchendise, gardening tools etc!

Bakfiets.nl Cargo Classic or E Bakfiets.nl Cargo Classic with Shimano STEPS and Di2

 Urban Arrow Family Perform

 Nihola family

 Tern Cargo Node/Xtracycle

These will all be ready to take on a test run. Emlen and Emmy will be there to have a chat and answer all questions on Cargo Biking, riding with the family, how to transport babies and toddlers. Discuss things like hills and how to get going after stopping at a red light.

The Velo Precinct has amazing coffee, and a great place to try out the bikes safely in front on the track. Perfect place to be on a Saturday morning!

Saturday March 16

9am till 12pm



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