Just like our bikes, Emmy was imported from the Netherlands.

After settling in Melbourne and calling it “home”, Emmy decided she wanted to ride with the children on one of the beautiful Cargo Bikes she grew up with in Holland.

IMG_0005It soon became clear that more people and families could benefit from this pragmatic lifestyle concept. This is when Emmy lauched Dutch Cargo Bike and the journey started. She dedicated time to convey the Dutch cycling culture to Australia and New Zealand.

Why such a big range of bikes?

Because this ensures that we have a bike suitable for everyone! We have the best family 2-wheeler, safest trike, fastest courier bicycle, easiest to ride budget cargo bike and also many options for city bikes and tandems that can carry up a load and panniers. Besides we have some awesome options for people using the bike for work; commuting or as a utility / marketing / complete shop bike.

If we would have only sell 2 or 3 models, we could not really advise you properly. For us, making sure the customer  gets the bike that matches their lifestyle is most important. After all, you buy a Cargo Bike for many years of usage. We stock our bikes and have a high quality bike for everyone!

Why cargo bikes?

We believe in this mode of transport. It’s a very cool and efficient way to transport more than just yourself. By taking the time to talk to people, advising them in the maze called cargo bikes, I believe that I can help people getting on to the right bike. I really enjoy this interaction with our prospective customers.

The concept of riding with your family, or business, is very new to Australia. Most people don’t know how to even start making a choice in what would suit their lifestyle best. We have years of experience talking to people all over Australia, advising them and guiding them through the decision process.

There are many times people think they want 1 type of bike, and end up with something completely different..and are very happy with that choice! With 3 young kids and a lot of shopping and general ‘stuff’ for our family I know what people can be doing with the bikes.


What do you like most about your job?

Talking to customers and hearing the relief they finally can talk to someone who ‘gets’ them. Who can actually help and advice. Seeing the happy faces of people the first time on the bike while testing, the big grins from the riders and the laughter from children. This at our demo centers (Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane) or at one of our our events. It is amazing how these bikes change the lives of so many people!

And our aim is to get more people, especially with their children or other cargo on the bike. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is available to all of us. Cycling is more than just another sport preformed on fast carbon bikes clad in lycra.

The joy of being outside, feeling the wind, the weather and a sense of personal power is what we like to share with the Australian people!

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