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Dutch Cargo Bikes cares about the community and people!

Social Responsibility - Glob


Emmy is one of the co-founders of a project in Central Java Indonesia – named Indoshelter. This project is a small scale educational community center for children and their families.  More info you can read on The project started in 2008 and has been running successfully. It’s registered in the Netherland as a NGO. Dutch Cargo Bike donates yearly to Indoshelter. We also collect goods/toys/appliances and send them over before Christmas so that they can make the people in the Indoshelter community happy.

If you wish to learn more about Indoshelter or wish to make a donation we welcome your inquiries or follow the links on the website.


We want to raise awareness of Cargo Bikes in Australia. It’s time for parents to consider changing their lifestyle for the better. A Cargo Bike is a beautiful alternative way of family transport.


Cycling the kids to school makes sense – it’s a fun family activity! Rather than dropping the kids by car and spending 15 minutes looking for a park during the busy school rush hour, you can ride your Dutch Cargo Bike with the kids straight to the gate and spend time at the school yard with them instead.

Be smart, reduce your stress levels,

be healthy, be social, engage! Kiss and Stay!


As well as by supporting local people and businesses. We believe that urban cycling contributes positively to the environment we live in, it increase social interactions and boosts general health. We have been actively supporting Amalocal in Bayside Melbourne.



Amalocal delivers local food and produce to your doorstep weekly. Don (owner) has explained that as follows

” We support local hard working families of farmers, bakers and producers. Fresh local food tastes better and is more nutritious. Local food is more sustainable as short delivery distances ensure less food miles and far less pollution.” 

“Our local food is fresh from our farmers, bakers and producers and delivered to your door within 8 hours. It’s also great value, sustainable and supports your local community!”

We believe that it’s vital for the communities in the major cities to become less car dependent and embrace other forms of transport, such as the bicycles, for transport.



If you have a local project that you would like to get support for we will be glad to hear from you!

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