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Tern – Node D8

The Node D8 is the workhorse of our Around-Town bike family. With big wheels, comfortable tires, and swept-back handlebars, it’s as comfortable and solid as a Dutch city-bike, but it folds down small—in 10 seconds flat.

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Product Description


  • 8-speed drivetrain for all the range you need in the city
  • Shimano Claris derailleur for reliable shifting and durability
  • Swept-back handlebars offer an upright and comfortable riding position
  • Andros™ handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments on the fly
  • Includes integrated Freelance™ Fenders and Freight™ Rack
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires with Kevlar puncture protection
  • Folds in under 10 seconds for storage or transport
  • Optional integrated lighting with electricity-generating hub




A sturdy folding bike with a smooth ride

Everything about this folding bike looks pleasantly overbuilt. The aluminum frame keeps the weight down (most of the folding bikes I have are steel) and the thick welds near all the moving parts does provide some confidence. The warning tag stuck right on the central tube indicated the combined rider and luggage weight capacity was 250 pounds (110 kg) for the 24″ bike.

As long as we’re on the topic of luggage: it was very nice to see a rear rack installed over the back wheel. It comes with a Biologic brand bungee cord that snaps in place and looks sturdy enough to hold 10kg (about 22lb.) worth of stuff.

The bike also includes fenders. The rear one was installed, but the front required some assembly. A 10mm wrench, vice grips and a Phillips head screwdriver will do the job. The only mild annoyance was that the fenders have to be inserted into very small metal tabs that are on the ends of the front fork, and the only way to do that is to take the tabs off first. I don’t recommend doing this in a cluttered room since you could lose those parts if dropped, but to Tern’s credit, it was still easy to do and the fender looked strong and sharp when I finished installing. Putting on the left pedal with a 6mm hex key, inserting the beefy seatpost and installing the front wheel were the only other things that needed to be done before I was left with a complete bike that looked pretty good.

Stuck between named winter storms I’ve only managed to take it out on one ride so far: to the beach near my home to check out the sunrise. Thanks to the 24” wheels this folding bike doesn’t feel compact or like a full-sized bike, but I certainly didn’t feel like a pothole would doom the Tern and I was able to pedal over bumps with confidence the bike wouldn’t break. Getting it back home after the short trip, I happily found the design of the frame makes the bike easy to carry as you don’t have to grip or rub any brake or derailleur cables when holding the main tube.

Sturdy, dependable, and able to handle bumpier rides, my first impressions of the Tern Node D8 were all good.


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Bionix E kit conversion

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