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Santos Trekking Lite

Santos – Built for your life

Santos Bikes are special bikes and the first to incorporate a Rohloff hub with a belt drive by Gates. Santos Bikes are hand built in the Netherlands according the your specifications and wishes. Every rider is unique and getting a bike built specially for you will enhance your riding experience. So you get a bike with not just the great looks, but with superior riding characteristics as well, no matter if you like to cycle to Mongolia or just to work.

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  • The ultimate commuter and trekking bike
  • You are a real bike fanatic and only want the best & customized bike
  • Choose your own color
  • Choose your own components
  • Reliable, efficient, fast, stable, maneuverable
  • You want uncompromising quality and ergonomic design
  • Extreme strength and durability
  • Low weight
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • More riding, less cleaning/adjusting/repair etc




Melbourne, VIC

I ride a few times a week all season around 36km into the city and have found the Santos Travel Lite to be the ultimate commuter! It has a Rohloff hub with 14 internal gears and a Gates Belt Drive. I never have to do anything to this combination in terms of cleaning or maintenance. I just ride!

The Trekking Lite also has slightly wider tyres compared to a road bike and Magura rim brakes so that I can come to standstill in full control and within minimal distance.

Finally, the custom built racks allow me to take panniers which is really nice and safe compared to a backpack. It keeps the center of gravity very low and relaxes my back at the same time!


  • Colours available:
  • Frame: Alloy, hand built in Taiwan, custom assembly in the Netherlands
  • Bike Dimensions:
  • Load Capacity: rider plus ~ 30kg on panniers front and rear
  • Drive Train: Customized including Rohloff and Gates Carbon Belt
  • Lights: Optional including dynamo hub
  • Rear Rack: Custom design
  • Brakes: Magura Hydraulic Rim Brake or Disc
  • Warranty: 10 Years on the frame and 1 Year on components

Accessories available

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