Folding Bikes

We ship all folding bikes all over Australia, just give us a call or email us for more info 

With years of experience in cycling and cargo biking we are now expanding our fleet with the smallest bikes. With a big range of bikes build for speed, touring and even carrying cargo and kids we are here to help you find the right folding bike. Carry onto the train, stow away in your office or home, carry in your caravan, boat or tent. These bikes have so many options! Ranging between simpler spec with great value and with all bells and whistles ready to cycle the world, there is a folding bike for everyone!

  • Versatile; these bikes fit everyone, all ages and sizes
  • Petite; getting to work and placing the bike in the corner, no-one will notice it! Any apartment will have a little corner where you can leave the folded bike unseen
  • Are you touring, commuting, on a holiday with your caravan or boat? there is a folding bike for every purpose, but also there are some all-rounders in case you want to do it all!
  • Stow away! there are sacks, ‘body-bags’ and many other accessories making life even easier with your folding bike!

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