We have been pretty busy the last few days, looks like Santa’s workshop!

Our amazing bike mechanic has been assembling, and converting bikes, all with a smile on his face.

The Dutch Cargo Bike workshop is a great place, buzzing with energy!

Gorgeous ice-blue Douze ready for pick up. Some big smiles for the Melbourne family who will be riding this beauty around 😊

An awesome sunstar mid motor electric nihola ready for a very happy family! Will be packed and send to New Zealand next week! Our very capable and friendly bike mechanic has done a fantastic job in our workshop!

First EL Douze ready for an electric conversion, black and white just suits this bike!

And another 1 ready to go! Workshop is pretty busy this week 😊 First E KR8, Geelong watch out, there will be a lot of giggles coming from this bike!