Most people looking for a cargo bike, are looking for a long tail, or a box bike.

But when carrying around stuff, boxes, tools, shopping, work gear etc etc the Omnium range is just perfect!

The Omnium bikes are fast, light, adjustable and manoeuvrable cargo bikes. The ride like a  The rack area can be adapted for cargo of all shapes and sizes . The simple addition of woven latex inner-tubes on your rack makes a strong, shock-absorbing surface that can even hold an adult’s weight.

  • These bikes are super light and fast
  • It feels like you are on a road/hybrid bike
  • You’ll have a smile on your face going from job to job
  • Extremely manuverable
  • Flexible and shock absorbing platform


Omnium Cargo: $3750

Omnium Cargo FK: $1550

Omnium Mini-Max FK: $1650

DEMO sale Omnium Mini-Max with Bionix kit: $2250