Are you looking for a bike for your mum and/or dad, for a local community, for an aged care centre etc.

Let us know and we’ll be able to create some smiles in no time!

This bike is designed for this purpose specifically, and might suit many aged care organisations very well! It is a great way to get everyone and anyone outside, enjoying the sun and wind in their face. Some people don’t have the option to go out and about on foot, and the wheelchair only gives a small range of visits. Besides riding in the bike will give a sense of freedom and take them back to younger years, it will give joy, something to talk about, interact with each-other, and with the volunteers. It will enrich many lives. As it has an electric assist, the volunteers will be happy to ride around with minimal effort, making it a great experience for everyone.

The Bakfiets Riksja is a new trike from, which produces many different (cargo) bikes in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Working with high quality components only.

Fantastic hand built Dutch quality and original design by “” the leading brand for Cargo Bikes and Trikes from The Netherlands. This brand has kicked off in the Netherlands and quickly become the international leader for Family Cargo Bikes and Trikes. We highly recommend because of the design, comfort and overall value for money.

We have 1 coming in with our September shipment, which has already generated a lot of interest. We are in the process of ordering a special shipment with these bike only. With enough orders we will be able to have these bikes ready to ride before Christmas!

The trike is $7350, complete with electric system, bench, seat-belt, lights etc. And that includes delivery in Melbourne metro.

 About the producer:

About the electric system: