Not sure which bike will suit your family?

Here is a short list, with possibilities, for all ages and number of children

You may have thought about Cargo Biking, seen them around, but aren’t sure how it would fit into your family? Which bike would work best, how hard are they to ride etc. There are various possibilities, for all ages and number of children.

Topics like how many children, what distance, hills, traffic lights, confidence of the rider/riders etc. etc. are very important. In short; if there are hills and/or the distance is more than 5-10km round trip a 2-wheel bike like the Cargo Bike, KR8, Cargo Node or Douze Cycles are the best option. If you are only riding short distances < 2-3km on flat terrain or if you are not a confident bike rider than we recommend a trike (three wheels). Of all trikes the Nihola is the safest and most stable due to its unique steering mechanism. But we also have a Bakfiets Trike which is a more classic design.

Below a short list, but pls give us a call and we’ll help you find the bike that will suit your exact situation, as there are many more options!

Most bikes below are in stock…so you could be riding on the first day of school.

All bikes come with an electric option.

You can test most bikes in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

And of course the Melbourne office/showroom is open daily. Just contact us to make an appointment!

Vouchers and payment-plans are available!

1 toddler?

Why not try a FR8  or GR8 with child seat in the front or on the back ( Yepp seats)?

Image result for FR8 bike

1 school kid?

Try out the Douze, light, maneuverable, fast and the frame can go in the back of your car for a holiday! Or if you prefer no-box-cargo-bike, have a look at the Xtracycle/tern bike with Yepp seat, or with the Xtracycle Hooptie bars/rails.

Image result for douze bike 600Image result for tern cargo node black

A baby and toddler?

the nihola family is a small confined safe trike. The baby can sit in the special baby seat. Your toddler can go scooting in front and when tired hop in with scooter! And you can hop on and of with ease.

Image result for nihola family

2 toddlers/school kids?

The bakfiets or the Kr8 has enough room for everyone (incl twins) and even a little friend to take home. The Douze 600 will also do the trick! And when looking for a bike that isn’t a box-bike, have a look at the Xtracycle/tern bike with Yepp seats.

Image result for bakfiets longImage result for kr8 bikeImage result for douze bike 600Image result for tern cargo node black

1 toddler and 1 school kid?

The family tandem is fun for everyone, the toddler can sit and enjoy the ride, the older one can help you cycle all the way.

Image result for onderwater tandem

2 – 3kids

The Douze comes in a 800 version, that fits 2 or 3 kids. Race down to school and never be late again. The E bakfiets will get everyone in school in time, even when you have some hills to conquer. And good news…the Douze 800 is on sale!

Image result for douze bikeImage result for bakfiets

4 kids of various ages?

The nihola 4.0 will have a spot for everyone!

Image result for nihola 4.0

6 kids to transport?

The bakfiets trike with side benches has space for all 6, you’ll be the talk of the town!

Image result for bakfiets trikeImage result for bakfiets trike

In a wheelchair?

No-one has to miss out on the ride to school! The nihola flex is perfect, just wheel on the platform and cycle.

Image result for nihola flex


Some food for thought;

 Bike- 2 wheels / Trike -3 wheels

 A two wheeled Cargo Bike, long as it may be, handles a like a normal bike. Riding a Cargo Bike is like driving a van when you normally drive a compact car — it’s different, but not that different. It’s easier to navigate small passages with the Cargo Bike (, Douze Cycles, Omnium, Workcycles Kr8 etc)  for that reason. A Cargo Bike is also very stable when you go around corners or fast downhill. It’s a softer ride too because the load is in the middle between the two wheels.

A Cargo Trike has three wheels and is clearly a different kind of vehicle! It’s true that you won’t often lose stability when cycling very slow or certainly not when stopped. But that’s about it for Trike advantages. Speed up to more than 5 or 10kmph and the Trike quickly becomes unstable and awkward to manoeuvre. If you zoom around a corner fast enough the whole Trike will tip and fall over, more with some models than others. That’s very dangerous so you have to ride slow on a Trike.

The Nihola is the safest and most stable Trike on the market. To keep in mind is that, unlike Amsterdam or Copenhagen, most roads Australia are cambered and uneven making it hard work for the rider to try sit straight on the saddle. Lastly with a Trike the load is right on top of the wheels which means the load bounces a lot more. Not a problem when transporting pillows but it’s not nice when riding with your children.