The Douze Family (Step Through Frame) is designed thinking of YOU during your daily commute. Our models are extremely easy to use without compromising with style and quality: our components are the most successful in the market, to ensure the performance of our models and security.

The day comes when you have to drive your children to  school, that when you decide to learn the cello, or it is a passion for a sport that equipment takes up space, Our business, how we work, our relationship to time have changed under the sign of flexibility and mobility. This trend leads us to rethink the way we move.

Douze Cycles is the first manufacturer to sell cargo-bikes with cable steering. The advantages compared to standard cargo-bike steering systems (rod and ball points) are undeniable!


The F1 600 and F1 800 models are amazing and now on SALE! To ensure everyone can ride this incredible bike, great gift under the tree!