This bike has been without a doubt the best purchase I have made. Yes, we love it.

I decided to look into alternative transport after growing increasingly frustrated by the growing number of private motor vehicles in and around my Brisbane suburb and the time costs of driving.
As an avid sport cyclist my first thought was to investigate a pedal powered alternative to the Corolla. We live just a bit too far to walk to the shops but too close to justify driving (and waiting in line for a car park). So a Dutch cargo bike was the clear answer: and I settled on the Cargo Long.
At first I thought the price tag was a little steep ‘for a bike’, especially factoring in the Shimano STEPS electric assist motor, but once I did the maths on how much our second car cost us annually it was actually a major ongoing saving.
Once the bike arrived and I put it together my lifestyle changed significantly. I can now pack my partner, my son and my puppy, along with swimming gear and my son’s bike and ride us to South Bank or the local park. I don’t need to drive my dog to the local off-leash park, we ride there with him up front barking with delight.
Even my partner (who is a much less experienced rider) is happy to take it for a spin, too. The long wheelbase makes it very stable, and the cornering is impressive given the bike’s size and weight. Everything about the bike is well engineered and constructed and the Shimano STEPS system is a godsend in the hilly inner-Western suburbs of Brisbane.