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A child living with a disability, find out how you can go out and ride together! video

Feel the wind and sun on your face. Enjoy the outdoors! There are many options, for all different needs. Dutch Cargo Bike has many special bikes in stock, like the Nihola rehab, Nihola Flex, Onderwater tandem, Azor adult tandem and all the regular Cargo Bikes. And we work together with Nijland bikes for any other special bikes, ready to help you with a bike, as everyone should be able to enjoy the cycling lifestyle!   I can cycle myself, but needs someone to help me steering; Ride on a tandem! There are tandems for children between 4 and 8, with an extension available so you can ride until 12 years old. Or you can have a tandem for adults, where ...

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A dogs life video

How much more fun is this ride to the vet and the beach! Doesn’t Rocket just love his ears flapping in the wind? Imagine a life without boxes. Think out of the square, and ‘#unbox‘ your life. Sitting in your car (box) driving to your office (box) to the supermarket (box) back home (box)… Why not get on your bike, and change the way you see life. You’ll find little gorgeous markets, picnic places, parks and other ways to spend outside the box! Find a bike to help you ‘unbox’ your life!  

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