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RIDING a bicycle to school is a great opportunity to be physically active every day, which promotes healthy development in children. That’s according to CQUniversity’s Physical Activity Research Group spokeswoman Dr Stephanie Schoeppe, who was commenting in the lead-up to National Ride to School Day on March 13. Dr Schoeppe said more than 80% of Australian children aged 5-17 years do not achieve the recommended 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each day. “Australian children spend on average about 11 hours per day sitting, e.g. during school hours, TV viewing, indoor play, and car travel,” Dr Schoeppe said. “Insufficient physical activity and too much sitting contribute to Australia’s high prevalence (25%) of childhood overweight and obesity. “Encouraging active lifestyles in ...

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Cargo Bike Try-It day 12/4 Melbourne image

Another amazing cargo bike picnic / try-it day is coming up! Join us with the fun. When: 12th of April Time: 10 am-2 pm Where: The great provider St Kilda What else is there on that day that you should know: Activities from the squeeky wheel, woman’s ride, active April More details to follow!   Want to have a chat about Kiss and Stay, learn more about riding with your family? Come and see us and other cargo bikers at the cargo bike picnic!

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First Kiss and Stay families! image

The first 3 Kiss and Stay families are riding around Australia. You’ll find them in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. With hopefully many more to come! If you are interested to becoming one, give me a call on 0395335162. The Kiss and Stay families ride along creating awareness in how we transport our children. What message we want to give the next generation? Follow the Facebook page and see what they get up to, feel inspired and motivated. We have small Kiss and Stay stickers here, if you’d like to join the movement, let me know and I’ll send a couple of stickers to you. Place them on your bike, the kids bikes/scooter/balance bike and lets all Kiss ans Stay!

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Fantastic February! image

NEW WEBSITE We’ll get out the champagne and you’ll get 5% discount in February! What you don’t know yet? Our ‘Kiss and Stay – come by bike and stay as long as you like‘ campaign has started. Still ​room for more ​promo families, so let us know The Electric Bakfiets now also available with disc brakes, ready for any hill Douze Cycles from France is our new option for people wanting the hybrid style cargo bike, but still want comfort in riding. Besides it can split in 2, so easy to take along! We are Bionx dealer, so can convert almost any bike for you, with 6 different electric systems to choose from We have an in-house business bike specialist, a think-tank to help you with your business ...

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