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Join us next Wednesday! We will be live to answer any questions about riding with the family, including riding with a child who lives with a disability! Tune in on Facebook, type your question and we’ll answer it live!   Emmy, who has a background in disability care as a nurse and is a mother of an 8 year old who is 90% wheelchair bound is the perfect person to ask questions and to help find a bike for every family, with any needs.

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When we discuss the many health benefits linked to cycling, almost every article highlights the physical advantages to riding a bicycle. While the physical health benefits are certainly noteworthy and abundant, it is important to recognize the fact that cycling is really great for your brain too. The mental and psychological benefits of cycling are legitimate yet incredibly under-publicized. In today’s stressful working environment, people are often looking for ways to relax their minds and take a break from the daily hustle that causes stress. From work drama to family issues, the list of daily anxieties goes on and on. Cycling, however, is an excellent way to curb these common stressors for all types of people. Whether you choose to ...

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We are stocking the gorgeous Dutch YEPP seats. Great quality, amazing looks and just simply FUN They will fit on all our Dutch city bikes and load carrying bikes like the Xtracycle/Cargo Node and the GSD Coming in fancy colors, they’ll make everyone smile 🙂   More info

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Starting Oct 9 – our warehouse & test-centre is open! image

Less than 1 month to go!     We are very happy and very proud, from Oct 9 you can visit us at our showroom/warehouse where we have an office and many Dutch Cargo Bikes to try!   On Saturday we have a mechanic working, helping with any technical issues and questions. And the best part…if you want you can take the boxes home on the spot!       Kids toys – Coffee – Toilet facilities

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