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We need more moments like these, exploring the world standard

As an Occupational Therapist (OT) working with kids I’m all about families finding meaningful activities to share. Given our climate and our increasingly scheduled lives, its no surprise to see more and more Australians embracing Dutch Cargo bikes as a way to build healthy and creative experiences into their kids lives. Our physical and mental well being relies on spending less time behind a screen and more moments like these out exploring the world with others. Marnie Luxmoore, Childrens OT

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This ride is just out of this world! image

Discovering new grounds, taking our journey to where we have never been before. An action packed ride, we are on an expedition to find the borders of where we can take ourselves. Find yourself burst with excitement while riding the Nihola Flex, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a ride that’s just extraterrestrial!     Photo by #mirandakremersphotography

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Outside; It helps the whole family unplug and strengthens your family bond image

In the last few decades, children are spending less and less time outdoors and more time cooped-up inside. You may remember playing outside until dinnertime as a child. More than ever, with all the technological distractions, it is important to encourage your family to spend time outside together. There are many proven benefits of outdoor activities on your children’s development. In addition, sharing outdoor activities together also strengthens your family bond. Whether it is planning a day trip to a state park or spending time in your own backyard, it makes no difference where you go, as long as you are outside. It helps the whole family unplug In this technological age, it is hard to have some quality family ...

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