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How do I get a Dutch Cargo Bike? image

Great! You are ready for the next chapter in the book of your family. Now there are many different options to get the family on the bike. Depending on how many kids, age, distance you are riding, what kind of terrain etc etc. First stop? Call Emmy! 0458858713  She is in Melbourne and has the most knowledge on how these bikes will fit in your life. She’ll take the time to listen, ask questions and together with you find what bike will suit best. She is a mum of 3 (incl twins), a Dutch national and has been using Dutch Cargo Bikes for the last 8 years daily, she has been creating a childhood her kids will never forget, and will ...

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Can I lease a Dutch Cargo Bike? image

Our newest idea to help families on a Dutch Cargo Bike and find this amazing lifestyle is to lease a Dutch Cargo Bike! Looking for a bike short term, doing a project, want to try it out for a longer time, moving house etc. Now you can lease a Dutch Cargo Bike for all your needs, and start creating a childhood they’ll never forget. And fallen in love with the bike? You can buy it anytime so you won’t have to part with your fun time saver. More info on how/what/where/when is here.

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Can I try a Dutch Cargo Bike? video

Ready for a family lifestyle change? Ready for adventure? Try out a Dutch Cargo Bike at 1 of the many test centers in Australia Urban Cycling is new and growing in Australia and New Zealand. This holds true even more for Cargo Cycling. Whilst being hugely popular in European cities, this form of transport is in its infant stages here. This is the main reason why we have decided to setup Test Centers in the major cities in Australia and New Zealand. After initial exploratory communication with our head office in Melbourne, we connect you to the Test Center by appointment to try a couple of different brands & models. It’s very important to get a good feel for the ...

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September is Adventure! image

  …WE ARE GOING ON A QUEST!   We are taking you on an adventure journey in September…or any day, week or month you want to take your family out and about, do something different, get inspired, be inspiring! Are we all about no screens? Of course not, they are part of our future, technology including the internet has brought us so much. With everything in life, moderation and balance is the key. So we Instead of hating the phone, tablet etc, we incorporate this amazing technology into our adventures, creating a healthy balance between outdoors and new technology, and making it a social event, using the screen together! We do try to have 1 day a week off screens ...

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