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How do I get a Dutch Cargo Bike? image

Great! You are ready for the next chapter in your family life. Now there are many different options to get the family on the bike. Depending on how many kids, age, distance you are riding, what kind of terrain and so on. First stop? Call Emmy! 0458858713 She is in Melbourne and has extensive knowledge on what bike fits your lifestyle. She will listen, ask questions and together you will find the bike that suits you best. Emmy is a mum of 3 (incl twins), a Dutch national and uses Dutch Cargo Bikes daily, she has been creating a childhood her kids treasure forever. Pick her brain, she just loves talking to you and help you in the maze called ‘cargo bikes’. You can ...

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The photographer! image

Creating Childhood Memories – Emmy was looking for images incorporating 6 different styles of cargo bike that would take parents or parents-to-be back to their own childhood and at the same time mirroring these adventures and memories onto their children or maybe even come up with their own adventures. As a devout cargo bike owner I could totally see where she was coming from and together we came up with the ideas for the scenes, from being Onderwater to exploring Space. I have had so much fun in creating these canvases and it certainly helped that Emmy’s family were happy to be models and part of the creative side of memory-making. Every-time I look at these images, they just bring ...

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Can I lease a Dutch Cargo Bike? image

Our newest idea to help families on a Dutch Cargo Bike and find this amazing lifestyle is to lease a Dutch Cargo Bike! Looking for a bike short-term, want to try it out for a longer period of  time. Now you can lease a Dutch Cargo Bike for all your needs, and start creating a childhood they’ll never forget. Fallen in love with the bike? You can buy it anytime so you won’t have to part with your fun time saver. More info on how/what/where/when is here.

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