Out of the BOX – into your BOX bike

Our mission with this campaign is showing Australia that a box-bike can make life so much easier and more fun. Not only in Europe, but down under too! Yes  you can cycle here, go to the beach wearing sunnies on your push bike, off to the farmers market, eating a snag etc. it can be done, and it can be done by YOU!

We want to show you how easy life is with a bike, local trips are done quicker by bike.

50% of all car trips are less than 5km, imagine doing all those by bike, how free would you feel?

Eating a Aussie snag at the local farmers market!

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Imagine a life without boxes. Think out of the square, and ‘#unbox‘ your life.

Sitting in your car (box) driving to your office (box) to the supermarket (box) back home (box)…

Why not get on your bike, and change the way you see life.

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